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Create Your Memorial Book

Create an account to begin your new memorial book project. The process is simple & free. Start here!

This is the email account you will use to continuously access your account and project. Once signed in, you’ll start off by filling out some key information about your photobook project.

Example: Book titles and desired date of delivery.

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invite others to contribute to memorial book

Invite Others to Contribute

As the project owner, you can invite others such as family and friends to contribute to your project. 

Those who are invited will be allowed to upload their own photos and memories as well as pledge or “donate” funds to the project.

As the project owner, you can also add and remove project contributors at any time. If a contributor uploads content that you’d like to remove, you also have the ability to do so.

Upload & Edit Memorial Book

You, as well as other contributors can upload photos and personal stories and memories to the project.

These consist of Images, Dates, Captions and Locations. 

Once submitted, contributors can easily go in and edit their own ‘memories’ at anytime. As a project owner, you also have the ability to edit anyone else’s submissions if needed – such as text or images.

Upload photo memories to memorial book
Eulogy Books Edit In Process

Photo Book Style & Preview

We will then take your memories and turn them into a professionally designed printed memorial booklet.

You can preview and edit the finished product, as well as, choose from various professional photo book sizes and colors. 

We offer two sizes (small, large) and two colors (dark, light). We’re currently working on expanding our list of book style offerings.

Project Contributor Pledging

Project contributors will also have a chance to pledge or donate funds directly towards the memorial books.

For example, if a contributor pledges 5 books, they are volunteering to pay for 5 of the books that will be ordered.However, the project owner will initially need to cover the upfront cost of the books. 

Once processed, the pledges will be calculated and the remaining funds will then be refunded back to the original card in which the order was placed.

Pledge Funds Towards Eulogy-Books Memorial Book Project


For your convenience, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions.

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